The J.G. Bennett Online Library

The J.G. Bennett Online Library

This is our initial entry thanks to Tony Blake. It is a chapter from an earlier version of 'The Dramatic Universe' that was never published entitled 'Art'. Tony writes:

I found it remarkable. His thesis is that Art stems from the experience of Being and gives us something quite distinct from Science or Philosophy. Since this was written before he had the idea of hyparxis, he could only speak in terms of Eternity and Time. But his sensitivity to the works he cites, such as Van Gogh’s Bridge at Arles, speaks to the soul of the miraculous togetherness of multiple levels of Being in such works.

Students of systematics should study this chapter – hopefully with pleasure – because it opens to the artistic experience of ‘togetherness’ that can be much deeper than generality. In our Gatherings, we have so to say touched on this once or twice and it has been haunting me. On rediscovering the chapter amongst my papers, I sweated to scan and process it for all our sakes.

Art - an unpublished chapter from 'The Dramatic Universe'

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